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Serving New Mexico

Dixie - H​as been adopted and is now Daisy!

Introducing Dixie: a spayed, 4-to-5-year old female. Dixie was left behind at her home, and a very nice person took her in and contacted us. Dixie is now in a foster home but is looking forward to a permanent home where she can be comfortable knowing she will not be abandoned again.

She is staying with other dogs–small dogs and a black Lab. Dixie is not currently up to date on her shots but seems to have been house trained as she will wait by the door to go outside. She definitely likes attention and will get a little jealous when the other dogs get some lovin’.

The foster family is keeping her inside because her face is sunburned from being outside all the time. Obviously, she is white with brindle and one of the brindle spots is shaped like an upside-down heart and another looks kind of like Mickey Mouse. When she does go outside, she isn’t interested in digging and doesn’t jump on anyone. Please email us if you are interested. We want to find her a great home!

Bo and Luke - Adopted Together!  

This is Bo (white) and Luke (sable). These brothers are littermates and are about 3 years old. They have been adopted by a family who owned a pair of brothers previously and just recently passed.

Fill out our online application here.

Freckles - Has been adopted!  

Freckles is a 2 1/2 yr old boxer mix, who loves cuddles, kisses, pets, treats, and all around spoiling. She is a indoor dog unless not home or to potty. She loves to be with you at all times, she is allowed on beds and furniture. She is quiet, unless someone is by the fence, she does get super excited when you come home and let her inside, but quickly settles. She is about 40 lbs, spayed, and is up to date on shots. She loves kids, likes cats.

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Kiara - Has been adopted!  

Here comes Kyra. She is around 2 years old, and is a big bundle of joy and energy in a petite little package. There’s no such thing as personal space when you’re with Kyra. She is constantly looking for your approval and acceptance and will be there by your side, ready to spring into action. She is always looking for attention, and on occasion may take a shoe outside to make sure you know that she’s still there and ready to play. But fear not, she will gently relocate your shoe in an easy to find spot when you are looking for it later in the day. If you think you might be interested in Kyra please let us know on our contact us page. If you haven’t filled out an adoption form, please take the time to let us know a little more about you.

Tigger - Has been adopted!  

Here is Tigger. A 2 year old male (not fixed yet but has an appointment for Friday, June 5th, to get neutered, shots and chipped). He was found as a stray and was extremely emaciated. The shelter where he was located put some weight on him to get his to this point. He is currently in a foster home with a child and an older female boxer. Initially, he was fine with their female boxer but now has been aggressive with her and based on her age, we need to find a foster home (or permanent one) asap. Ideally, it would be better for him to be an only dog while he adapts to living with someone again. We are not sure how he is with cats either. He is great on a leash but will bolt out a door and take off if tempted. If you are interested in helping us out, please contact us and give us information about your situation and we will go from there.

Pretzel - Has been adopted and is now Joe! 

Pretzel is a 7-year-old Boxer who is looking for his forever home. He is extremely sweet and polite. He knows all his commands, and in good terms with our older Boxers and cats. He loves snuggle and a belly rub. Pretzel just wants to be your good boy.

Hercules has been adopted!  

Hi I'm Hercules, I am a high energy 5 year old boxer who absolutely loves long walks. I am friendly with large dogs and people, however I am not fond of rabbits. I am gentle, loving, and need lots of attention. I love being around people and going around to say hi to everyone. I am house trained and know a few commands and I really like food but won't jump on the counters even if it's my favorite food garlic bread.